Bree Jacoby



Over the past decade, Bree Jacoby has built an exceptional reputation in the retail world by growing retail businesses across the US. Bree is the Founder and CEO of LAs hottest Personal Shopping services called BREE JACOBY, Home of Style, which currently operates in Los Angeles with members expanding across the country. Bree’s styling company sold $1,000,000+ in its first year, and is currently on track for 200% growth with a team of personal shoppers. Bree has built a book of high net-worth clients and recently pivoted to the popular subscription-based membership model with stellar results, proving her vision and passion for exceptional client relationships. She now has a team of stylists and is continuing to build up stylists to deliver exceptional experiences to the company’s members. The BREE JACOBY technology app will be coming out in 2021 for digital wardrobing and personalized tools for members. The future of BREE JACOBY is to be the best personal shopping service in the world - redefining how people shop.

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