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Shino Bay Aguilera, DO
Dream Killers and Co-Dreamers
International Keynote Speaker, Author and Physician Leader
Founder – Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Institute
Cathy Heller
Host of Top iTunes Podcast,</4h> Don’t Keep Your Day Job
Kris Jenner
CEO, Jenner Communications
Sheila Nazarian, MD, MMM
How Your Brand Guides Your Success
Let the Haters Be Your Motivators
Social Media Mastery
Entrepreneur, Physician Thought Leader, Influencer, Plastic Surgeon
Founder - Nazarian Plastic Surgery, Spa26, The Skin Spot, Nazarian Institute
Arthur Swift, MD
The journey of becoming a thought leader
World-Renowned Trendsetter, Recognized Master Class Facilitator
Co-Founder – Westmount Institute of Plastic Surgery
Mimi Albert
Cultivating a resilient organization
Interpersonal expert
Founder - Runners of the bay podcast
Tanya Altmann, MD
Getting Camera Ready
Public Speaker and TV personality
David Clapp
"Posture & Stretching "
"Posture and it's effects on the body"
Owner - Peak Performance Fitness
Tiffany Couch
The thief in your company
Forensic Accountant and Author
Founder - Acuity Forensics
Steve Dayan, MD
Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon & Physician Leader
Deborah Deras
You are the messenger for a very important message
Motivational Speaker, Social Media Expert
Betty Gabbaie
Founder of Let's Get Disruptive Marketing and Professor at UCLA
Rebecca Gelber, MD
Psychology of Pricing – Get the Best Conversions!
International and National Teacher on Aesthetic Topics
Founder - Tahoe Aesthetic Medicine
Jennifer Cowan Hannon
Bree Jacoby
Styling For Your Personal Brand
Founder - Home of Style
Jon Jacques
Viral Video Secrets
Professional Magician Turned Entrepreneur, Viral Expert, Influencer, And Keynote Speaker
Founder of Viral Video Secrets
Annahieta Kalantari
Vice Chair of Education, Department of Emergency Medicine at Penn State Health
Melissa Klausmeyer
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Physician Thought Leader, Marketing Executive & Instructor
Merel Kriegsman
High Ticket Sales
High Ticket Sales Strategist
Founder - Merel Kriegsman Media
Tracy Litt
Level Up
Mindset and Spiritual Advisor for Women Leaders
Creator - Choice Work, Founder - the Litt Factor
David Logan
Tribal Leadership- The Key to a Thriving Organization
NY Times Best-selling Author and USC Faculty
CEO – Well Physician California
Evelyn Mitchell, MD
Implicit bias and impact on patient care.
Dave Murray
Optimizing the customer experience in the "new normal".
Senior Customer Service Experience Consultant
Iman Oubou
How to Build Your Personal Brand Through Thought Leadership
Founder Of Media Platform Swaay, Self-Made Entrepreneur & Women’s Empowerment Speaker
Founder, Swaay Leadership
Terri Ross
Mastering the art of sales and financial reporting
Public Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur
CEO - Terri Ross Consulting
Freida Rothman
Using Inspiration for Brand Development
Entrepreneur, Designer and Mentor
CEO – Freida Rothman Luxury Jewelry
Arman Sadeghi
Get the Pulse on Your Business With KPI's
7 mistakes businesses make with their Website!
Voted Best Keynote Speaker 2018, Author and Business Coach
CEO – Titanium Success
Christopher Salem
Be a trusted advisor in your practice & extraordinary thinking creates extraordinary
Prosperity Coach
Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD
Insecurities – Gain Back Your Inner Strength
Author, TEDx Talk Speaker, Well-Published Researcher
CEO & Founder – Brave Enough
Jane Stoller
Business Processes and Organization
Author, Speaker, Life-Biz Organizer
Founder, Organized Jane
Alex Thiersch
Sybile Val, MD
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Vonda Wright, MD
Pivot to resilience: Re-thinking what it means to live more and prosper
Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon, Keynote Speaker, Author, Innovator, Angel Investor
Founder Women’s Health Conversations
Josh Zilberberg

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