Deborah Deras

Motivational Speaker, Social Media Expert


Deborah Deras, M.S. is a charismatic and engaging inspirational speaker, author, and social media marketing consultant. With over 17 years of experience speaking to audiences around the globe, Deborah is committed to helping small business owners improve their social media online presence, increase their revenue and stop wasting time and money online. As a micro influencer she has participated in brand campaigns for Coca-Cola, Pinesol, Allstate and many others. She served as a spokesperson for Verizon alongside Eva Longoria, teaching technology to small business owners. She has booked lucrative speaking contracts for her own business via Social Media strategy for companies such as General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Verizon, Nasa, J.P. Morgan and State Farm Insurance. In addition, Deborah facilitates social media marketing training for small business owners for the South Bay Small Business Development Center, (SBDC) and has done workshops for the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Center and SCORE. Deborah has served as a regional spokesperson for Verizon presenting workshops to Hispanic entrepreneurs on technology strategies.

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