Iman Oubou

Founder Of Media Platform Swaay, Self-Made Entrepreneur & Women’s Empowerment Speaker
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Iman Oubou is a Moroccan American self-made entrepreneur, former beauty queen (Miss New York US 2015 and 2nd Runner Up at the 2015 Miss United States pageant) and a published scientist, on a mission to change the women's media landscape. Since receiving her Degrees in Biochemistry/Bioengineering, Iman has been using her public image and passion for science to improve lives around the globe. She has accompanied “Mission To Heal” on medical operations in South Sudan, Nigeria, and Ecuador. Along with this, she organized a relief assignment in her native Morocco in 2014, where she worked with local hospitals in the Souss region. Iman continues to be a spokesperson and coordinator traveling to developing countries to help restore proper healthcare.

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