Cathy Heller

Host of Top iTunes Podcast,</4h> Don’t Keep Your Day Job
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“Cathy Heller is a fire hose of inspiration. She’s the host of the popular podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which was given the #1 spot on iTunes recommend list of shows for the 2018 New Year. Since the show started 20 months ago It has been downloaded close to 3 mill times. Cathy has a powerful way of communicating and making her audience feel encouraged. She’s helping people figure out how to find more purpose and joy in their work. Before podcasting Cathy was songwriting full time. After achieving success with her dream job she wanted to help others do the same Cathy’s been featured in Variety, HuffPost , Billboard and Inc Magazine’s “top 9 podcasts”. Throughout her podcast she has interviewed creative entrepreneurs like actress Jenna Fischer, popular blogger Seth Godin, designer Jonathan Adler, make up artist Bobbi Brown, choreographer Mandy Moore, fashionista Tamara Mellon, novelist Emily Giffin, and Gretchen Rubin to name a few. Cathy lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three daughters.”

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